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Company experience

Our  complex food design and sale solutions for various types of food industry  have been based on our experience of nearly 30 years . Our employees are  highly important to us and their multifaceted experience has been the greatest  asset for us. We are proud of having  a laureate of a prestigious competition: ‘ Technologist of the Year’- Barbara Duda, in our team, who received the
most prestigious  distinction in 2004. Through our experience we are trying to face more and more
difficult challenges and as a result we are satisfied with our results which give us a lot of satisfaction.
4MEAT Tomasz Duda
ul. Rymera 28
44-270 Rybnik, Polska
tel. (+48) 509 357 300
tel. (+48) 505 322 292
MONDAY-FRIDAY: 8.00-16.00
SATURDAY: 9.00-13.00
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